Weaving sustainability

Santanderina Group contributes to your integrated sustainability:

With a responsible manufacturing
Ensuring traceability
Controlling the quality of the end product
Establishing eco-alliances
Offering certified products

“We are what we do
and how we do it”

Juan Parés

What we do

We manage our first-use resources

We manage our n+1 use resources

We innovate and research

How we do it

Being environmentally friendly

Constantly helping the planet to regenerate

In a transparent, traceable way in both cases

We reduce

We invest in technologies that reduce the resources required (water, chemicals, etc.)

We promote energy saving and the efficiency of the primary energy consumed

We invest in cleaner processes leading to reduced waste generation

We regenerate

We are committed to regenerative design (based on the reuse of materials)

We implement production systems in accordance with the conservation and regeneration of the planet

We recycle

We promote the recovery of raw materials

We promote the recovery of yarns and textiles (Internal Recycling Project)

We promote the LIFE project for the manufacturing of new garments entirely with recycled material

… and we innovate and